In addition to Enterprise repositories, Varnish Software builds and maintains packages for popular Linux distributions.

Packages are hosted on and while all previous packages are kept there, only four series are actively supported, as presented below.

(still fresh)
Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 9
Debian 10
Debian 11

As a rule of thumb, support for new distributions are introduced in the weeklies and are generally not backported to other series.


Packages are generated every night by circleci, and every week (barring any veto from the team), one set of these is pushed to Needless to say those packages are geared towards enthusiasts wanting to try the new unreleased features and shouldn’t not be carelessly run in production.

Fresh and still fresh

The open-source sees biannual releases, generally around March 15th and September 15th. Following each release, a new repository is created and populated.

Whether a release is a major or a minor is decided during the freeze period preceding the release.

Each release is supported (and so can see bug and security fixes) for a year after being released, meaning that at any given time, there are always two fresh versions that are supported.

Long Term Support

For users requiring a slower upgrade model, the LTS version is a series that keeps being supported with bug and security fixes past the usual one-year deadline. The current LTS is 6.0.