Varnish Cache Plus


Varnish Cache Plus 6.0

Varnish Cache Plus 6.0 has a grand unified changelog that describes all updates in Varnish Cache Plus 6.0, both those who come from Varnish Cache (open source version) and all updates that are exclusive to Plus

Varnish Cache Plus 4.1

For Varnish Cache Plus 4.1 there are two change logs, showing the split between the open source project and all the Plus features:

  • The Varnish Cache Plus changelog contains changes that are specific for Varnish Cache Plus.
  • The Varnish Cache changelog refers to the “stable” 4.1 branch of Varnish Cache, and these changes are bug fixes and minor improvements that have been back ported from Varnish Cache’s development branch. All of these are also applied to Varnish Cache Plus, but they are not mentioned in the separate changelog for Varnish Cache Plus.


Information regarding varnish security vulnerabilities (vsv) can be found here.