Varnish Cache Plus



DeviceAtlas is a commercial device detection database offered by Afilias subsidiary dotMobi. It has comprehensive knowledge about HTTP client’s specifications, abilities and physical dimensions. This can be used for tailoring HTML responses to the specific type and size of the unit.

By moving this determination into Varnish, it is possible to do this with the normal low latency and high scalability that Varnish provides.

This is implemented as a Varnish Module (VMOD) that interfaces between Varnish and the dataset supplied by dotMobi.

Further information can be found on:

VCL example

VCL code:

import deviceatlas;
sub vcl_recv {
	if (deviceatlas.lookup_int(req.http.User-Agent, "displayWidth") <= 300) {
		set req.http.X-devicetype = "tiny";

DeviceAtlas supports all of the recommended VCL configurations described in the Varnish Cache documentation.


DeviceAtlas is available in packaged form for Varnish Cache and Varnish Cache Plus.


DeviceAtlas support for Varnish is a product offering on top of Varnish Plus. It requires a separate license from dotMobi.

Contact sales for more information.