Varnish Live

How to setup the data source

Varnish Live requires Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) and Varnish Cache Enterprise to work. Read the documentation on how to install and run Varnish Cache Enterprise and Varnish Custom Statistics.

So, what we are expecting from VCS is the endpoints that returns JSON data in a format as mentioned in its documentation. More specifically, here we are looking for the endpoints with yourdomainoripaddress/key/[key] pattern. Supposing you have varnish enterprise and VCS running and have some traffic through Varnish Enterprise, yourdomainoripaddress/key/ALL should return JSON data in the format mentioned above. You can read more in the documentation.

Another thing that needs to be configured is “vcs-unique-id” key; otherwise the “n_req_uniq” in the JSON data will be NaN.

We recommend that th array size in the JSON data to be less than 1500 which can be achieved by setting -m parameter to be less than 1500 in your VCS configuration.