Varnish Cache Plus 4.1.9r2 Release

Published December 19, 2017.

Important: If you are not running 4.1.9r1 now (released November 30th), make sure you read the associated information on upgrading to 4.1.9r1 before you upgrade to 4.1.9r2.

About the release

This release contains some updates to vmod_rewrite, a new counter and a few bug fixes.

The changes to vmod_rewrite are:

  • new feature: split find/match functions.
  • new feature: multiple replacements can be defined for one regex.
  • new parameters to control substitution: regsub, regsuball, only_matching
  • deprecation: for consistency .match_rewrite() should be used instead of .replace().

Bug fixes are the following:

  • Fix a bug where we did not honor first_byte_timeout for reused backend connections ( issue 1772).
  • Improved workspace_backend overflow handling. This fixes a bug where we would crash on overflow.

Finally the new counter is cache_hit_grace, which can be used to seeing how many of the cache hits were for objects in grace. See the pull request 2455 for details.