Varnish Enterprise 6.0.11r4 Release

Published July 12, 2023.

About the release

This release contains several new features, including backend connection queues for managing connections when max_connections is reached, support for ECDSA algorithms in vmod_jwt and enhanced backend probes with expect_close for servers that don’t honor Connection: close.

All users are encouraged to upgrade.

VRT update

The VRT version has been updated with this version of Varnish Enterprise, which means that

  • VMODs need to be recompiled for this version to work with this version. Only VMODs you have compiled yourself are subject to the statement above. Packaged VMODs will always follow the VRT version of varnishd.

  • If the Varnish packages are upgraded without restarting, it is very likely that a VCL load will fail.

See Changelog for more details.