Varnish Helm Chart 1.4.0 Release

Published May 30, 2024.

This is a minor release for varnish-enterprise with the following changes:

  • Added configuration options to set base URL for Varnish Controller
  • Added configuration options to set Kubernetes load balancer IP
  • Fixed ingress service port when headless ClusterIP is used
  • Updated varnish-enterprise to 6.0.13r1
  • Updated varnish-controller-agent to 6.1.2-6.0.13r1

For varnish-controller, the following changes:

  • Updated varnish-controller to 6.1.2

Additionally, this release also contains a preview release of Varnish Controller Router Helm Chart.

See Varnish Helm Chart Changelog and Installing Varnish Controller Router for more details.