Varnish High Availability 2.1.1 Release

Published December 8, 2017.

This VHA release builds on the 2.1.0 that notably brought request body replication, replication prevention and header addition from the VCL. The biggest change with this version is the way ESI requests are handled. In earlier releases, only the top request was replicated, which led to some (harmless) warnings because the replicated status codes could differ from the original ones (200 vs 304). With 2.1.0, VHA replicates each fragment individually, reducing the noise and clearing out these warnings.

We also fixed two bugs from 2.1.0: the VCL logic could lead to Hit-for-Passes, degrading performances, as well as an issue with the RHEL6 service file not daemonizing properly.

Please remember to regenerate your vha.vcl when upgrading, as some bugs were fixed in it too.