Varnish Agent 6.2.4 Release

Published March 3, 2020.

This update fixes several issues and also adds some new functionality.

  • The agent will no longer have to be restarted if it is started before VAC is running. It will now try to connect to VAC every 5 seconds if not yet registered.

  • A new parameter has been added to better control commands towards varnishd. The new -w parameter configures number of seconds before timing out when trying to authenticate with varnishd. If varnishd is highly loaded this value might have to be increased. The previous parameter -t is still valid but for the actual command executed. A command could be the loading of VCL through VAC, which in some cases can take a lot of time to complete during VCL compilation of large VCL files. For most cases, the new parameters default value of 10 seconds should be enough. The new parameter was added in combination of handling too many open sockets due to highly loaded varnishd or while currently deploying a large VCL.

  • Hostnames can now be used for -T argument. That is hostname for varnishd management interface. The agent will lookup the first IP for the given hostname and use that IP.

See varnish-agent changelog for more details.

This update is recommended for all users.