Varnish Controller 3.0.1 Release

Published October 6, 2021.

This is a patch release for Varnish Controller with the following fixes:

Persistent Statistics Update

  • Statistics of the type counter is now showing the counts per time frame and not average.
  • Statistics that are of the type boolean or gauge will still be averaged for the given time frame.
  • MAIN.uptime will not be part of aggregation.
  • Support for vmod-goto counters has been removed for now.
  • Statistics of type bitmap are not persistently stored.
  • Flag added to counter output (showing type of counter, same as for Varnishstat)

NOTE: All periodical statistics will be cleared due to the change of counter handling, this is to avoid having wrong data shown for counters.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

This update is recommended for all users.