Varnish Cache Plus is now Varnish Enterprise Announcement

Published March 14, 2023.

Executive summary


From today, future releases of Varnish Cache Plus will be called Varnish Enterprise in release notes, changelog and documentation.


This change brings Varnish documentation up to date with the current naming convention of the commercial version of Varnish.


This change is fully backwards compatible and no action needs to be taken in existing environments.


The change is fully backwards compatible and no action needs to be taken since it doesn’t affect how Varnish is installed, configured or managed.

The items that change are:

  • Product name in the documentation. Where Varnish Cache Plus was used in the past we are now using Varnish Enterprise.
  • URLs that include the product name in the path. Where /varnish-cache-plus/ was used previously, we are now using /varnish-enterprise/. The old URLs are supported with redirects.

The items that do not change and will still have plus in the name to ensure backwards compatibility:

  • Package names (rpm and deb).
  • Container image names (Docker).
  • VMOD names.
  • Filesystem paths.

Products and solutions overview

To put the change into context, the three commercial products provided by Varnish Software are:

These products are packaged and made available as various solutions.

Please get in touch via support or account management if you have any questions or require more information.