Varnish Administration Console 3.8.4 Release

Published November 13, 2019.
  • Fixes a bug where parameters in database were multiplied. If parameters are handled in VAC through the Web based UI, please review parameters for all parameter sets in VAC (Configure -> Parameters(gray button) -> Edit -> [Review all values]), then press ‘Save Changes’ even if no changes were made. Repeat for each parameter set. This will update the database correctly.
  • Support for missing parameters in Varnish Enterprise 4.1 clock_step mse_delay_writes mse_membuf_pool mse_membuf_size mse_nuke_limit mse_pad_writes mse_prune_factor mse_prune_loop pool_sslbuffer ssl_buffer startup_timeout thread_pool_reserve
  • Support for missing parameters in Varnish Enterprise 6.0 allow_exec backend_local_error_holddown backend_remote_error_holddown crypto_buffer h2_header_table_size h2_initial_window_size h2_max_concurrent_streams h2_max_frame_size h2_max_header_list_size object_mutex_slots scoreboard_active scoreboard_enable thread_pool_watchdog vsm_publish_interval
  • Bad things graph no longer present 0.5 as 500m

This version is recommended for all users.