Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.1r3 Release

Published November 23, 2018.

About the release

This update of Varnish Cache Plus 6 contains the new version of MSE, MSE 3, which is a significant improvement over previous versions. This version has been tested thoroughly in the lab, and it has also been running successfully in production on some high traffic sites for several weeks. Varnish Software is very happy about its performance, and encourage all customers to try it out.

The documentation on MSE 3 will be available here soon, but you can get a head start by reading the mkfs.mse man page after upgrading.

There are also, like always, some bug fixes and we encourage all users of 6.0.1r2 or earlier to upgrade.

For users of Varnish Cache Plus 4 variants, the upgrade path is relatively simple. VCLs will typically work unmodified with the new version, but if you need Unix Domain Sockets support, you need to change the VCL version at the top of your VCL.

See Changelog for all the details.