Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.6r8 Release

Published August 11, 2020.

About the release

This release introduces the resolver VMOD that enables doing reverse IP DNS resolution and verification from VCL, as well as veribot VCL library to enable domain-based access controls.

The Akamai Connector and it’s accompanying VCL library now has a VCL 4.1 version available, which makes it easier to integrate into existing configurations based off of VCL version 4.1.

Several bug fixes are also in this release, notably in MSE and libvmod_goto.

On RPM based systems, Varnish will with this release no longer automatically be restarted as part of the package upgrade process. This change is to be consistent with RPM packaging guidelines. Note that even though the varnishd process continues to run, the system may experience problems loading new VCLs after an upgrade until the varnishd process has been restarted.

For a complete list of features and bug fixes from this and previous versions, please see the Changelog.