Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.7r1 Release

Published December 21, 2020.

About the release

This release, 6.0.7r1, contains a number of improvements and fixes. Most notably, the following is new:

  • A brand new varnishscoreboard is available.

  • SSL/TLS backends now support transmitting a client certificate as part of the TLS handshake

  • The tls VMOD can now also be used in vcl_backend_response, to inspect the state of a TLS backend connection.

  • The kvstore VMOD has a static scope, which allows keeping kvstore content across VCL reloads.

  • A new VMOD format has been added. It makes it easier to format strings.

  • The ykey VMOD has gained a new function, namespace_reset.

  • The newly added VHA6 broadcaster_ssl_verify_peer and broadcaster_ssl_verify_host settings allow you to use self-signed certificates on the broadcaster.

There are also several bug fixes in this release. Most notably:

  • Fix an issue with MSE book database waterlevel drift. This can lead to excessive waterlevel activity due to the wrong space usage data being used to control the algorithm. (VS issue 996)

  • Fixed an issue with vmod_http where libcurl would use signals, degrading performance. This fix also affects VHA6.

  • YKey .namespace would panic if supplied with a NULL value (VS issue 995)

See the change log for a full overview of new features and bug fixes.

Important! Third party VMODs need to be recompiled for 6.0.7r1

The ABI for VMODs have changed, so every VMOD needs to be recompiled to work with the new version. There is not API breakage, so a simple recompile should be sufficient. If you only use VMODs bundled with Varnish Cache Enterprise, you do not have to do anything, as bundled VMODs are always recompiled.