Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.7r2 Release

Published January 14, 2021.

About the release

This release, 6.0.7r2, fixes a number of bugs, and introduces a few minor features. The new features include the following:

  • A new counter, MAIN.fetch_stale_rearm for rearm() and revive()

  • A new function, utils.resolve_backend() is now available.

  • There is a new VHA6 setting for disabling VCS logging.

  • In varnishncsa there is a new format option; log request time in milliseconds

  • There is a port_rule optional parameter to vmod_goto. Default abide will use port from SRV record, while force will use the port parameter.

  • In VCL there is a new long string format via “”"…""".

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a vmod_goto crash with SRV due to a race condition in health reporting.

  • Fix the vmod_goto algorithm for distribution over a set of backends based on priority and weight from SRV records.

  • Fix a vmod_xbody bug where a single end anchor match fails on a chunked response.

  • Fix a bug where beresp.uncacheable cannot be unset after a retry.

  • Invalid assert walking away from the waiting list.

See the change log for a full overview of new features and bug fixes.

Important! Third party VMODs need to be recompiled for 6.0.7r1

The ABI for VMODs changed with 6.0.7r1, so every VMOD older than that, needs to be recompiled to work with the new versions. There is no API breakage, so a simple recompile should be sufficient. If you only use VMODs bundled with Varnish Cache Enterprise, you do not have to do anything, as bundled VMODs are always recompiled.