Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.8r4 Release

Published August 26, 2021.

About the release

This release contains several bug fixes and a few minor features.

New features:

  • Add urlplus.query_set() to update query values.

  • In varnishadm, the backend.list commands now supports -j.

  • A counter for the number of ESI sub requests has been added.

  • For backend transactions, there are now new timestamps called Fetch, Connected and Process.

  • The accounting VMOD’s counter set for keys now includes grace_hit.

Bugs fixed:

  • Backend_health log records no longer display (null) as the name the first time it is logged.

  • Fixed an issue where startup of the child process would fail. This was due to a VCL temperature race with dynamic backend probes.

  • varnishscoreboard: Fixed various missing timestamp value issues.

  • varnishscoreboard: Fixed a missing Address field issue.

  • varnishlog: Empty JSON arrays will not be printed when logs are filtered by either client or backend transaction types.

  • We now handle large synthetic bodies exceeding the maximum chunk size.

  • Plugged some non-essential one-time memory leaks.

Other changes:

  • The -v command now prints the built-in VCL last. It used to be the loaded VCL, then the built-in, then the loaded VCL includes. From now on it’s the loaded VCL, then its includes, and finally the built-in code common to all loaded VCLs.

See the change log for a full overview of new features and bug fixes in this and previous versions.

Important information when using synthbackend.mirror() in combination with persisted MSE

The synthbackend.mirror() bug could cause corrupted objects before causing Varnish to crash. When using synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE, these corrupted objects could persist after the crash. If you used synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE before 6.0.8r1, then it is recommended to clear the cache on upgrade to this version, unless you have already done so after upgrading to any previous releases after 6.0.8r1.