Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.8r5 Release

Published October 8, 2021.

About the release

This release is a bug fix release. All users of Varnish Enterprise 6 are encouraged to update to this version.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an off-by-one bug in xbody.log_body that would in rare cases lead to a panic.

  • Fix a race in varnishtest cyclic barriers where the barrier could lose count of the number of waiters and deadlock the test.

  • Experimental VMOD vmod_stat has received several format fixes to both its prometheus and JSON output backends.

  • Experimental VMOD vmod_stat now has the ability to pull a named statistics value from VCL.

  • The memory pool varnishstat values for ssl_buf and busyobj will now have the pool number appended correctly, showing as MEMPOOL.ssl_buf<pool-no> and MEMPOOL.busyobj<pool-no>.

  • Fix a problem with vmod_mmdb when passing NULL pointer as the input IP address.

  • Set the TRUSTED_FIRST OpenSSL certificate verification flag on all platforms. This is the default behavior since OpenSSL version 1.1.0, but this applies the flag also on the platform using an older OpenSSL (CentOS 7). This helps with verifying certificates when there are multiple crossigned verification paths, and only some that are valid.

See the change log for a full overview of new features and bug fixes in this and previous versions.

Important information when using synthbackend.mirror() in combination with persisted MSE

The synthbackend.mirror() bug could cause corrupted objects before causing Varnish to crash. When using synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE, these corrupted objects could persist after the crash. If you used synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE before 6.0.8r1, then it is recommended to clear the cache on upgrade to this version, unless you have already done so after upgrading to any previous releases after 6.0.8r1.