Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.8r6 - retracted! Release

Published October 20, 2021.

Important! This release has been retracted

Due to a regression in this release, the packages have been removed from the software repository, and are not available for installation.

Version [6.0.8r7]({{ relref “/releases/” >}}) has been released, and should be installed instead. Read the announcement if you have installed 6.0.8r6 on any of your servers.

Contact if you need assistance in this process.

About the release

The major highlights of this release are the new Image VMOD that enables image conversions from VCL, and also the new Slicer VMOD that can transparently break down very large objects into smaller parts that are individually cached.

Also in this release are several bug fixes.

New features:

  • Introduce VMOD Image including a function to convert JPEG and PNG images to WebP images.

  • Introduce the new Slicer VMOD and accompanying core features. This makes it possible to transparently break down very large objects into smaller parts that are individually cached. For more information see the Slicer VMOD documentation page.

  • New parameter h2_rxbuf_storage to select which storage backend temporary HTTP/2 receive buffers should be allocated from. This defaults to Transient.

  • Varnish internal zlib library is now namespaced, to avoid naming conflicts with any externally linked in zlib library.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix a race condition in vmod_goto that was introduced in 6.0.7r2. This could lead asserts in rare circumstances.

  • Fix error cause reporting on MSE store AIO errors.

  • Fix a memory leak in vmod_tls when using the cert_sign() and cert_key() functions.

  • Fix accumulation of vmod_http idle connections. These should now be closed in a timely manner when not being reused immediately.

  • vmod_tcp function get_estimated_rtt() now returns floating point values instead of rounded integers.

  • Headerplus’s attr_get(), attr_set(), attr_delete() can now handle quoted values of a key value pair. headerplus.attr_delete() adds a parameter for the attribute delimiter attr_delim defaulting to =. headerplus.attr_set() requires a matching attribute delimiter.

See the change log for a full overview of new features and bug fixes in this and previous versions.

Extra dependencies for the varnish-plus-vmods-extra package

The varnish-plus-vmods-extra package now has some extra dependencies on image manipulation libraries that are used in conjunction with the new Image VMOD.

Important information when using synthbackend.mirror() in combination with persisted MSE

The synthbackend.mirror() bug could cause corrupted objects before causing Varnish to crash. When using synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE, these corrupted objects could persist after the crash. If you used synthbackend.mirror() together with persisted MSE before 6.0.8r1, then it is recommended to clear the cache on upgrade to this version, unless you have already done so after upgrading to any previous releases after 6.0.8r1.