Varnish Cache Plus 6.0.9r6 Release

Published May 4, 2022.

About the release

This release contains only a few changes, of which one represents a significant reimplementation.

New features:

  • New version of vmod_http. The new version allows for better connection reuse, caching of hostname lookups, and gives better performance when many simultaneous requests are active. The new version is VCL compatible with the previous version, and no adjustments to VCL programs is necessary.

    Note that this version will limit the protocols enabled in the underlying CURL execution engine to HTTP and HTTPS, and that HTTP/1.1 will be the preferred HTTP version. This can be changed by adjusting the corresponding Varnish runtime parameters (vmod_http_require_http and vmod_http_prefer_http_11).

  • Some unnecessary flags have been removed from ykey.stat_flags(). The ykey.stat_ functions are marked as experimental* for now.

  • The documentation of ykey.stat_ functions has improved, and man ykey should provide all the necessary details about this feature set.

See the changelog for the complete list of changes in this release.