Varnish Controller 5.1.3 Release

Published April 21, 2023.

This is a patch release for Varnish Controller with the following fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where removing a RoutingRules from a VCLGroup would remove the RoutingRules from all VCLGroups that used the same RoutingRules.
  • Added support for mixed-casing DNS responses in the Router to support Google’s mixed-casing domain lookups.
  • Build with Go 1.20.3.
  • Fixed an error that appeared when content retrieval to a non existing path was requested through the UI-server.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

Take a look at the Varnish Controller Deprecation page to prepare for upcoming major changes.

This update is recommended for all users.