Varnish Controller 5.2.0 Release

Published May 25, 2023.

Note: All components needs to be upgraded for this release, see versioning.

The release includes bug fixes and improvements.

  • All binaries built with Go 1.20.4
  • Various performance improvements to database calls.
  • Improved CIDR routing decision that resolves an issue where two CIDR matches resulted in unpredicted match.
  • Static tags for private agents/routers are now added to the owner organization.
    • Note: This fix will produce duplicate tags with same name but new IDs, existing tags will still be used for existing deployments.
  • VCLI now lists Last Deployed timestamp for deployed VCLGroups.
  • Custom kvstore counters are now added correctly to the Varnish Controller statistics.
  • Make sure it’s not possible to delete a tag used in a routing decision rule.
  • System debug has been reworked to contain more information about the applied configuration for each component.
  • Fixed a bug that returned 200 OK when updating an organization with a new name or locked state as a regular user (it was not updated as it’s not allowed). Now 403 Forbidden is returned.
  • Compile errors has been extended to also include stderr.
  • Possibility to configure how often invalidation retries should be done.
  • Added possibility to delete a staged VCLGroup through the regular VCLGroup delete command.
  • Added possibility for organization users to stage a VCLGroup.
  • Fixed a bug where Staging ID could linger on the VCLGroup after the staged VCLGroup has been deleted.
  • Optimize requests and reduce unnecessary ones in the UI.
  • Overall improvements to the dashboard and custom equations in the UI.
  • Added new column Compile State in VCLGroup table to show last compile status in the UI.
  • Added a new column with Last Deployed time in VCLGroup table in the UI.
  • Improved how we handle missing permissions and the redirects in the UI.
  • Fix so the user can redploy a VCLGroup even if the VCLGroup is stuck in a compiling or deploying state in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug when compiling a VCL file under certain conditions couldn’t recognize the includes in the UI.
  • Other optimizations, improvements and bug fixes in the UI.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

Take a look at the Varnish Controller Deprecation page to prepare for upcoming major changes.

This update is recommended for all users.