Varnish Controller 6.0.0 Release

Published February 1, 2024.

This is a major release of Varnish Controller and all its components need to be updated. The release contains several non backward compatible changes. These changes are described in the upgrade chapter.

New Features

  • Support for TLS certificates in both agents and routers. (see Certificates)
  • Support for configuration of agent/routers via CLI/GUI/API (see Config/ConfigSet)
  • Transfer agents and routers to and from organizations as private
  • Drain traffic from agents for request routing
  • Support for IDP login via GUI
  • Custom response headers for request routing
  • Specify number of DNS replies for request routing
  • New flags for agents (backwards compatible with old flags):
    • varnish-admin-host
    • varnish-port
    • varnish-invalidation-port
  • Tags routing now supports multiple subdecisions


  • Staging of VCLGroups has been removed
  • Permission system reworked and might require some updates of permissions for users/organizations.
  • vcli commands are now a bit more streamlined and the output has been polished.
  • All vcli inspect commands now return an array of objects.
  • Description of statistic counters added (CLI/GUI and a new API endpoint to retrieve them)
  • CIDR/ASN/Geolocation routes in vcli now uses flags without -to-tag (see deprecation).
  • Where data were previously displayed as a comma separated list in vcli is now instead displayed on separated rows to ease the overview.
  • Existing lookup-order with tags for routing rules will automatically be converted into tags:<id> and a new routing decision named tagroute will be created for the routing rule.
  • UI: Reworked how we list and add domains in VCLGroups.
  • UI: Permission view reworked and updated to make it easier for the user.

Bug Fixes

  • The router would sometimes subscribe multiple times to heartbeats from the same agents, this has been fixed.
  • Statistics JSON data has been lower cased to match other JSON data via the REST API.
  • UI: Fixed an issue regarding detecting includes when file was having duplicate files included.
  • UI: Fixed an issue regarding automatically addition of file type in detected includes.
  • UI: Fixed an issue when showing available servers in VCLGroup not updating correctly.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

This update is recommended for all users.