Varnish Controller 6.1.0 Release

Published April 29, 2024.

Note: All components needs to be upgraded for this release, see versioning.

The release includes bug fixes, improvements and new functionality.

  • New VCLGroup feature: Keep On Failure, keep the previous VCLGroup deployed on an agent if the new deployment fails.

  • Support for compilation of files via vcli (see vcli file compile -h).

  • Router Trace now includes location that shows the full redirect location (with respect to redirect template).

  • Reload a VCLGroup on all agents or a specific agent.

  • Decrease the size of Varnish Controller gathers.

  • Improved VCLGroup deployments.

  • Improved JWT key generation in brainz

  • Improved performence and memory-usage in UI editor.

  • It is now possbile to restart the tour of the ui in support page via the Explore Controller features.

  • It is now possible to Reload a VCLGroup in the UI.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

This update is recommended for all users.