Varnish Enterprise 6.0.13r1 Release

Published May 15, 2024.

About the release

This release introduces a new VMOD feature, allowing VMOD developers to limit the set of VCL subroutines from where a VMOD function or method can be called.

This feature has been applied to all existing VMODs, meaning that starting from this release, VCL configurations that used to compile with no errors and where VMOD functions/methods were misused will no longer compile.

Important: All users of Varnish Enterprise are encouraged to test their VCL with this release before upgrading. If you encounter VCL compilation failures due to invalid VMOD usage, you will need to update your VCL before upgrading. If this VCL has never caused a problem for you before, it is likely that this VCL code was never reached.

See Changelog for more details.