Cache invalidation
Step-by-step tutorial on how to invalidate and purge your cache.
Configuring systemd services
Step-by-step tutorial on how to manage configuration of systemd services.
DNS based GSLB (Global Server Load Balancer)
This tutorial shows how PowerDNS can be configured as a Global Server Load Balancer in front of a geographically distributed cluster of Varnish nodes.
Enabling logging with varnishncsa
Step-by-step tutorial to enable request logging with varnishncsa.
Let's Encrypt with Hitch and Varnish (CentOS7)
Step-by-step tutorial to setting up Hitch with automated and free certificates from Let's Encrypt.
Object lifetime: TTL, Grace, Keep
Tutorial to understand objects lifetime.
Securing multi tier Varnish environments
How to make sure certain Varnish tiers are only accessible by other Varnish tiers.
Frequently asked questions about SELinux and Varnish Enterprise
Varnish Monitoring
Monitoring your varnish installation.
Caching POST requests
How to cache POST requests with Varnish.
Logging Hits and Misses
How to tag request type (hit, miss, pass, etc.).
VSL cheatsheet
varnishlog, varnishncsa and ready-to-use VSL queries.
Getting started
How to install and get started with Varnish.
Solutions and Use Cases
This tutorial shows how to configure Varnish for different use cases.