Varnish Broadcaster 1.2.4 Release

Published February 18, 2020.

This Varnish Broadcaster release addresses some known issues and adds some new functionalities.

  • Fixes a rare race condition that could cause a panic while fetching status.
  • Improved error handling for host parsing
  • Versioning of management API added (/api/v1), /api/ still works and is the same as v1.
  • Updated man page to describe the -log argument correctly and added missing parameters.
  • Updated man page with header normalization information.
  • Systemd service file updated to create pid file at startup.
  • Added header X-Broadcaster-Ua to broadcasted requests containing broadcaster version (eg. Broadcaster/1.2.4)
  • New random broadcast functionality added (X-Broadcast-Random)
  • Limit of 10240 open files in systemd service file.

See Broadcaster page for more details.

This update is recommended for all users.