Varnish Controller 3.0.0 Release

Published September 28, 2021.

This release is NOT backward compatible with 2.0.5. All Varnish Controller components requires an upgrade.

The release includes bug fixes, new features and improvements.

In most cases, no configuration changes is required after upgrade. It will be enough to upgrade packages and make sure that the component services gets restarted.

New Features

  • Invalidation (purging, banning and tag-based)
  • Per VCLGroup statistics via integration with from vmod-accounting
  • Persistent statistics
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Updated and overhauled the web based UI


  • Parallel asynchronous VCLGroup deployments
  • CSV output from the CLI
  • Compile state in the CLI
  • Performance improvements

And more…

This release includes persistent statistics, you may need to increase your database volume depending on the amount of agents, VCLGroups and counters there are.

See Varnish Controller Changelog for more details on the changes and the upgrade notes for more details on how to upgrade.

This update is recommended for all users.