vstatd 	[-h] [-m period_len] [-b bucket_len] [-a port] [-s tbl_len]
		[-z port] [-l acl] [-P file] [-u dir] [-F] [-g] [-V] [-Z] [-x file]
		[-d domain]


The vstatd utility consumes and aggregates log records from a set of vstatdprobe(8) instances. The resulting data is made available in an API, that is queried over HTTP, presented in JSON format.

The records are aggregated based on keys specified via the vstatdprobe(8) utility, and organized in time series buckets.


The following options are available:

Option Description
-h Display help. Displays a brief list of vstatd’s options, along with default values.
-b seconds Shorthand for setting parameter bucket_len. See description below.
-m num_buckets Shorthand for setting parameter num_buckets. See description below.
-p param=value
-z port Listening port for vstatdprobe(8) instances.
-a [IP:]port Listening IP address and port for the HTTP interface.
-l acl Access control list for the HTTP interface. Specified as a comma-separated list of IP subnets, each prepended by a ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign. Plus means allow, minus means deny. For example, to allow only 192.168/16 subnet to connect, use -,+
-O [host]:port Open a TCP connection to the specified endpoint and transmit finished buckets in JSON format for further handling/storage by 3rd party tools.
-P file Write the process’s PID to the specified file.
-F Run in foreground. Output will be written to stdout/stderr.
-u dir Root directory for vstatd UI files.
-g n Output debug information. Defaults to 0.
-V Show version and copyright information then exit.
-Z Display timestamps in UTC.
-x file htdigest file for HTTP authentication
-d domain htdigest HTTP authentication domain (or realm)


bucket_len - Length of each individual bucket in the time series tracked.

num_buckets - Number of buckets in a time series. The total duration of the tracked period will be the number of buckets multiplied by the bucket length (bucket_len).

hash_tbl_size - Hash table size. Internally all keys are organized in a hash table. The number here should be roughly the same magnitude as the number of keys you are tracking.

json_out_backlog - Maximum backlog for messages waiting to be transmitted to the JSON output endpoint. If this limit is reached, messages will be dropped.