Varnish Administration Console

Configuration Properties

In the defaults file, located in /var/opt/vac, these are the properties that we support.

Property Default Description
vacDir /opt/vac This is where every static asset lives
vacVarDir /var/opt/vac And this is where we place variable data according to FHS
vacDataDir $vacVarDir/data This is where rrd and parsed ephemeral data will live
vacTmpDir $vacVarDir/tmp This is where tmp folder for the vac will live. This is not used by default unless specified below in DAEMON_OPTIONS
vacListeningPort 80 listening port
vacListeningHost listening host
mongoHost mongo endpoint, host
mongoPort 27017 mongo endpoint, port
mongoDB vcc db name
mongoURI "" mongo connection
max_files 131072 ulimit
max_heap_size 2048m jvm max heap size
initial_heap_size 512m jvm initial heap size
jdi_listening_host The listening host for the Super Fast Purger.
jdi_listening_port 8088 The listening port for the Super Fast Purger.
jdi_client_timeout 5000 Client socket timeout. Client being the API user.
jdi_cache_timeout 3000 Cache socket timeout. Cache refers to Varnish Cache. This can also be interpreted as worst-case response time from Varnish Cache.
jdi_corepool_size 1000 The number of threads to keep in the pool, even if they are idle.
jdi_maxpool_size 3000 The maximum number of threads to allow in the pool.
jdi_thread_keepalive 5 When the number of thread is greater than the core, this is the maximum time that excess idle threads will wait for new tasks before terminating. The value here is in minutes.
jdi_retries 3 The number of retries the VAC PURGER will attempt.
jdi_db_cache_ttl 600000 he time-to-live for objects in the db cache used only by the Super Fast Purger. Value here is in ms. (10min ttl for each obj in our db cache)
vcp_max_active_obj 2 maximum active objs in pool
vcp_max_idle_obj 2 maximum idle objs in pool
vcp_min_idle_obj 1 mininum idle objs in pool
vcp_exhausted_action 0 actions to take when exhausted. 0 = fail, 1 = block, 2 = grow
vcp_test_on_borrow true perform connection test on borrowing obj from pool
vcp_test_on_return false perform connection test on returning obj to pool
vcp_max_wait_on_borrow 200 max wait time on borrow object in ms
vcp_prepare_pool_immediately true prepare pools on startup
vcp_http_keep_connection_alive true keep connection to agent alive
vcp_http_between_bytes_timeout 5000 between bytes timeout on receiving response from varnish-agent
vcp_http_connect_timeout 5000 connection timeout to the varnish-agent
vacRrdSampleOffset 1 sampling offset for end time when fetching based on resolution
scriptFile install the absolute, dereferenced path of this script file
serviceName vac service name
serviceUser vac OS user name for the service
serviceGroup vac OS group name for the service
maxShutdownTime 20 maximum number of seconds to wait for the daemon to terminate normally
maxStartupTime 60 maximum number of seconds to wait for the daemon to start properly
serviceUserHome $applDir location of vac dir
vacJarFile $vacShareDir/vac.jar location of vac.jar file