Varnish Agent Parameters


varnish-agent [-c port] [-h] [-K agent-secret-file]
               [-n name] [-p directory] [-q] [-r] [-l log-level]
               [-S varnishd-secret-file] [-T host:port]
               [-V] [-z vac_register_url] [-t seconds] [-w seconds]


The varnish-agent is a small daemon meant to communicate with Varnish and other varnish-related services to allow remote control and monitoring of Varnish.

For default values of options, including but not limited to where username and password is read from (-K), where VCL is saved to (-p) and where HTML is read from (-H), see varnish-agent -h.


-h Print help.

-C CA certificate for use by the cURL module. For use when the VAC register URL is specified as https using a certificate that can not be validated with the certificates in the system’s default certificate directory.

-K agent-secret-file Path to a file containing a single line representing the username and password required to authenticate. It should have a format of username:password.

-S varnishd-secret-file Path to the shared secret file, used to authenticate with varnish.

-T host:port (localhost:6082) Hostname and port number for the management interface of varnish.

-c port (6085) Port number to listen for incoming connections.

-a host ( The host where the agent will run.

-i seconds (10) Stats push interval to VAC, expressed in seconds. Defaults to 10.

-l loglevel (warning) Log level. Available options: debug, info, warning, error, quiet. Defaults to warning.

-n name Specify the varnish instance name. Must match the varnishd -n option. Amongst other things, this name is used to construct a path to the SHM-log file.

-p directory Default path for VCL persistence. This is where VCL is stored. If not set, the agent will evaluate the vc_dir parameter in varnishadm, and use this.

-r (false) Read-only mode. Only accept GET, HEAD and OPTIONS request methods.

-u (varnish) User to run as. Defaults to varnish.

-t (5) Timeout in seconds for talking to varnishd.

-w (10) Timeout in seconds for authentication with varnishd.

-k (false) This option explicitly allows the agent to perform ‘insecure’ SSL connections and transfers.

-V (false) Show version and exit.

-z vac_register_url Specify the callback VAC registration url that the agent will contact when registering with the Varnish Administration Console.