Varnish Helm Chart


Before we begin

To get started with the Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart, make sure:

Quick start

Run the following command to quickly install Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart:

helm install --set global.imagePullSecrets[0].name=varnish-pull-secret varnish-enterprise varnish/varnish-enterprise

Substitute varnish-pull-secret for the image pull secret you created in the image pull secret instruction.


By default, Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart provides an empty VCL with a default backend configured to locahost:8080. In most cases, this needs to be changed to something more useful. To do so with the values override, configure server.vclConfig as needed:

    - name: varnish-pull-secret

  vclConfig: |
    vcl 4.1;

    backend default {
      .host = "";
      .port = "80";

    sub vcl_backend_fetch {
      set bereq.http.Host = "";

Then install or upgrade using the new values, e.g.:

$ helm upgrade -f values.yaml varnish-enterprise varnish/varnish-enterprise

You should now have Varnish Enterprise running in the cluster!

Further Reading