Varnish Helm Chart

Resource Types

Helm Chart for Varnish Enterprise deploys the following resource types:

  • ConfigMap for MSE configuration, VCL configuration, and TLS configuration
  • DaemonSet when server.kind is set to DaemonSet
  • Deployment when server.kind is set to Deployment
  • HorizontalPodAutoscaler when server.autoscaling.enabled is true (default: false)
  • Ingress when server.ingress.enabled is true (default: false)
  • Secret when server.secretFile is set (default: "")
  • ServiceAccount when serviceAccount.create is true (default: true)
  • Service when server.service.enabled is true (default: true)
  • StatefulSet when server.kind is set to StatefulSet

PersistentVolumeClaim and PersistentVolume are also created as part of StatefulSet.