Varnish Enterprise

HTTP/2 Support

To enable HTTP/2, you need to configure both hitch and Varnish.

Enable HTTP/2 in Hitch

Enable HTTP/2 in hitch by turning it on in the hitch configuration file.

# Enable to let clients negotiate HTTP/2 with ALPN. (default off)
alpn-protos = "h2, http/1.1"

Enable HTTP/2 in Varnish

Enable HTTP/2 in Varnish by passing -p feature=+http2 as a startup argument to Varnish in the varnishd command line.

Do this by updating the unit file’s Execstart= as the unit file configuration tutorial describes.

Below is an example of having adding -p feature=+http2 to the varnishd defaults:

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/varnishd -p feature=+http2 ...

If varnish is already running you can enable HTTP/2 on the CLI with varnishadm. Note this varnishadm method of enabling HTTP/2 will not survive a restart.

$ varnishadm param.set feature +http2

Show the Varnish HTTP/2 status

Check if HTTP/2 is enabled in Varnish by running on the CLI:

$ varnishadm feature