Varnish Enterprise

Varnish scoreboard


The varnishscoreboard utility displays Varnish tasks, the scheduled tasks managed by the thread pools workers in the varnishd cache process. It can report ongoing, waiting and queued tasks with some information about them. In addition to tasks, it accounts for the number of idle workers, threads without a task to run.

In order to keep track of tasks the parameter thread_pool_track needs to be enabled. Only a limited amount of tasks can be tracked and the amount of memory allocated to tracking is controlled by the vst_space parameter.

Both of these parameters are very useful for debugging. thread_pool_track keeps track of running worker threads managed by thread pools, and tasks queued in the pools. vst_space sets the amount of space to allocate for the VST memory segment. The full documentation for these tuning parameters is found in man varnishd and varnishadm <parameter>. Note will also display the current parameter value.


varnishscoreboard [-h] [-n <dir>] [-t <seconds|off>] [-V]


The following options are available:


Print program usage and exit

-n <dir>

Specify the varnishd working directory (also known as instance name) to get logs from. If -n is not specified, the host name is used.

-t <seconds|off>

Timeout before returning error on initial VSM connection. If set the VSM connection is retried every 0.5 seconds for this many seconds. If zero the connection is attempted only once and will fail immediately if unsuccessful. If set to “off”, the connection will not fail, allowing the utility to start and wait indefinitely for the Varnish instance to appear. Defaults to 5 seconds.


Print version information and exit.


Print the optstring parameter to getopt(3) to help writing wrapper scripts.


Starting from Varnish release 6.0.7r1 (2020-12-21) the parameter names scoreboard_active and scoreboard_enable are deprecated aliases of vst_space and thread_pool_track respectively.