Varnish Controller


Varnish Controller requires a valid license file. Brainz needs to be able to read the license file from the disk. The license file is specified with the argument -license or by setting the environment variable VARNISH_CONTROLLER_LICENSE (see brainz installation).

Brainz will output warnings in the log file when there are less or equal to 10 days until the license expires. When the license has expired, brainz will output errors in the log output, it will not be possible to login into the system! However, anything deployed will still be deployed. Hence, an expired license will only disable login for users and system administrator until the license file has been updated.

An updated license file will be automatically picked up, within a couple of seconds, by brainz. Updating the license file does not require a restart of any components of the Varnish Controller.

Contact your sales representative or the support to retrieve a license file.