Varnish Controller


A deployment consists of a set of tags. The deployment specifies which agents are eligible for deployment based on matching tags. The deployment can be specified with max and min deployments. This makes it possible to only use a certain number of agents as match the deployment tags.


  • Max: 1 Min: 1 - Will deploy to one agent even if more agents match the tags.
  • Max: 2 Min: 1 - Will try to deploy to maximum of 2 agents but will still deploy to one agent.
  • Max: 3 Min: 2 - Will try to deploy to maximum of 3 agents and at least 2 agents. If below 2 agents the state will be degraded.

The deployment will keep track of currently deployed agents.

One deployment can only be used by one VCLGroup. But one VCLGroup can have multiple deployments.

A deployment has a state describing the status of the deployment. The states are:

  • (1) Active - Deployed to the number of agents in between max/min range.
  • (2) Inactive - Not deployed.
  • (3) Degraded - Deployed but does not fulfill minimum number of deployments.
  • (4) Error - Failed to deploy the File to varnish
  • (5) Orphan - Should be deployed but there are no matching agents to deploy to.
  • (6) Deploying - Currently deploying (usually during the compilation of an VCL)