Varnish Controller


  • Automatically detects new agents (servers) [1]
  • Automatic deployment of VCLs to new agents
  • Flexible deployments of different VCLs
  • Automatic domain routing on same Varnish instance
  • Automatic updates of VCL changes
  • Automatically rebalance deployments when agents go up/down
  • Fast deployments
  • Scalable
  • Can be run in containers
  • CLI
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Authentication with basic auth or OpenID Connect.
  • Authorization with organizations, accounts and resource permissions.
  • HTTP Traffic Routing
  • DNS Traffic Routing
  • Fast invalidation (purge/ban).
  • Private and shared agents and routers for individual organizations.
  • TLS certificate management and deployment.
  • Traffic draining via request router.
  • In run-time configuration of agents and routers.

[1] As long as they are started towards same NATS servers.